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What we set out to do

Increase the well-being of C&YP and their families living with obesity.

Address the psychological components that underpin disordered eating.

Provide a reflective approach to understanding the systemic role that food plays in a family.

Focus on behaviour change and education for the whole family.

Instill practical tools to help identify and develop new coping strategies around food and lifestyle.

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Our criteria


Children or young people who fall into the following categories:
  • Must be registered with a GP.
  • Should have BMI above the 98 centile.
  • Must be between the ages of 4-17.
  • Be available to commit to a one-year programme.


Children or young people...
  • Who are actively suicidal or self-harming.
  • With a diagnosed eating disorder (DSM 5 B.E.D scale), Anorexia or Bulimia.
  • Actively engaged with substance misuse.
  • In court proceedings.
  • Where the referred problem may be best treated in an alternative service i.e. Tier 4 medical management.

The service

  • Family treatment plan.
  • One-year treatment pathway.
  • Based in the community.
  • Multi-disciplinary, medical, behaviour change, diet and activity.
  • One-to-one sessions face to face and digital.
  • Weight check-in sessions.
  • Family support/education.
  • Adult digital programme.
  • Link in with community services and other specialist services.


Safeguarding is at the heart of all that we do. The C&YP team hold up-to-date Safeguarding training certificates. We liaise directly with the safeguarding teams in the areas in which we work on any issues of harm, neglect or children in need that arise during treatment. A senior social worker forms an integral part of the team and is involved in the assessment process and ongoing treatment of all families referred into the service.

Our community role

We see our role as being central to the community. Clinics are delivered in schools and community locations. We develop strong relationships with general practice clinicians and schools. As well as working with specialist services and local hospital teams to ensure joined-up treatment plans for the families with whom we work.

Case study

12-year-old Mollie* presented weighing 69.8 kg with a BMI of 28. She had Autistic Spectrum Disorder and speech and language difficulties. She lived alone with her mother who had a long history of living with obesity.

Mollie had started to gain weight during primary school which her mum attributed to her persistent snacking and very rigid behaviour around food, particularly textures. She had for example a habit of eating food directly from the freezer as she enjoyed the texture and noise.

Mollie was at a local SEN community school who were supportive of her referral. Working closely with the school and providing weekly sessions on-site the allocated counsellor was able to work with Mollie whilst her mother met with the dietician and family counsellor to help her install boundaries around food acceptable to both of them. Mum was also provided with support and some tools from the Adult Tier 3 service to help address her own weight.

At the point of discharge, Mum had made some significant changes to both her and Mollie’s eating patterns and had managed to reduce their weight and become more active.


What our
patients say:

We have 92% programme completion rate, our patients can tell you more about their feelings.

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When were referred to the service to help with Charlie's* weight we did not think they could help us. The counselling sessions gave Charlie a chance to talk about the things that made him want to snack and we were able to support him as a family. I have made quite a few changes now and we are all benefiting from what we have learnt.
Family 1
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I have always struggled with my weight and I did not want Samir* to suffer like I had so I was really glad he was referred to the service. Meeting with the team has given as lots of ideas about different foods and how to prepare them healthily and also ways to do more activities that don't cost a lot and we can fit in with things like work and school. All of the team were so friendly and kind.
Family 2
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I have three children all with special needs so it was great that Louie was seen at his school by the counsellor and I was able to work with the rest of the team online. If I had to travel to appointments I would not be able to go due to cost and time.
Family 3

* ​Names have been changed to protect identity

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